Texas International Fishing Tournament

Huge and historic and that’s before we even talk about the fishing!

The Texas International Fishing Tournament was created in 1934 by community leaders in Port Isabel as a way to let the rest of the country know that south Texas was still on the map.

In 1933, a series of hurricanes and storms hit the Laguna Madre area, one of them especially devastating, and threatened to undo several decades of proactive tourism outreach. Missouri Pacific Railway and city fathers partnered to create what was then known as the Tarpon Rodeo and started about the task of letting the nation know that the fish were biting, and they took the bait.

In the last seven decades the tournament has grown to the largest on the Texas Gulf Coast and is ranked in the top ten billfish tournaments in the world. Family friendly and traditional, TIFT has a loyal following and the fish are still biting. Bay, offshore and fly categories offer a place for every pole!

Pictured above left, the program for the First Annual Rio Grande Valley Fishing Rodeo. August 8th to 12th, 1934. Port Isabel, Texas. (Courtesy Wells Collection)

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73rd 2012
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72nd 2011
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71st 2010
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